Sanyo KA-MODEM-1
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The Sanyo KA-MODEM-1 is a modem cartridge dedicated to 'The LINKS' network, with a speed of 1200 bps, released in September 1986. Although based on the RS-232C protocol, it does not support the RS-232C BASIC instructions.

It includes a 16kB ROM with a communication firmware, that is the same as the program provided by The LINKS NT-190 cartridge. It is confirmed by the label TMA 1200 HSC, that was placed in front (with a 'golden' aspect) or under the cartridge.

Official price: ¥29,800 but it was also possible to lease it almost for free for users of the network


Sanyo KA-MODEM-1
Sanyo KA-MODEM-1 with 'golden' label
Sanyo KA-MODEM-1