Sanyo KA-MPC-X
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The Sanyo KA-MPC-X is a package that is meant to allow the use of the MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit, plus an additional cartridge on MSX1 computers.

It includes

  • the MEB-01 slot expander, providing two cartridge slots, and its short flat cable with a 50-pin female IDC connector with two polarizing keys.
  • a RGB21 cable
  • the Lightpen Graphics cartridge with software including Expander BASIC for using the lightpen (which is not included)

The slot expander can be directly connected to the special expansion bus slot of the following Sanyo computers:

For any other MSX computers, an adapter (KA-UC-X) is required (¥7,800) to connect the slot expander to a regular MSX Cartridge slot.

The connection of the MPC-X is made to the back of the MEB-01 with a special cable with 20-pin connector. It is unclear if this cable was provided in the package. Without this connection the external VDP is not accessible and the lightpen is unusable.

Official price: ¥27,600 for the KA-MPC-X package


Sanyo KA-MPC-X package: Slot expander + Lightpen Graphics cartridge + RGB21 cable
Sanyo MPC-X with lightpen and part of KA-MPC-X package
Sanyo MEB-01 back