Sanyo MPC-2300
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The Sanyo MPC-2300 is the adaptation of the PHC-23J computer, also known as Wavy 23, for Soviet Union. It was not sold in shops and could only be used in some schools or administrations.

This computer has a Russian keyboard and a non-standard modem with switch (CALL COMINI does not work). It was used in network with the MPC-2500FD.

From MSX-BASIC, the terminal software can be launched with CALL INIT or _INIT.

Brand Sanyo
Type MPC-2300
Year 1985
RAM 128kB (? in slot 3-2)
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG (YM2149 integrated in MSX-Engine S3527)
Chipset Yamaha S3527
Extras non-standard modem + switch + terminal software


Sanyo MPC-2300
Sanyo MPC-2300 underside
Sanyo MPC-2300 inside
Sanyo MPC-2300 back
Sanyo MPC-2300 right side


The MPC-2300 is a MSX2 with a Z80A from NEC (D780C-1) and an MSX-Engine S3527 from Yamaha.

Slot Map

Help needed
The below slot-map is an assumption, it needs to be checked on a real machine.
Slot 0 Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3-0 Slot 3-1 Slot 3-2 Slot 3-3
Page C000h~FFFFh Cartridge
Slot 1
Slot 2
Page 8000h~BFFFh
Page 4000h~7FFFh Main-ROM Firmware
Page 0000h~3FFFh Sub-ROM
  • The Firmware ROM is a 8kB ROM - 4000h-5FFFh


  • RGB output
  • Analog sound & Composite video
  • Tape recorder connector
  • Centronics compatible Parallel port for a printer
  • 2 general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, ...)
  • 2 cartridge slots
  • 1 serial port connector