Sanyo MPC-CAP1
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The Sanyo MPC-CAP1 is a expansion unit for MSX1 computers to access to the Captain system.

The device can be connected to the specific expansion bus slot of a few Sanyo MSX1 computers (see below). A connection to the 20-pin connector of the MPC-X Graphic Expansion Unit is provided at the back.

This peripheral includes a cartridge slot and contains a font ROM especially designed for the Captain system. A switch on the device allows to choose between MSX computer and Videotex as video source.

Price: ¥178,000

To use this peripheral, you needed to have

  • a Japanese MSX1 computer - recommended machines are the following Sanyo machines, because they have at least 32kB RAM, a specific expansion bus slot and don't require an adapter: MPC-6, MPC-10, MPC-10mkII, MPC-11
  • the Sanyo MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit (¥89,800)
  • the KA-MPC-X package (¥27,600)
  • optionally' the KA-UC-X adapter (¥7,800)
  • optionally a lightpen Y4AA (¥14,000) if the MSX1 computer has a built-in lightpen interface
  • optionally a lightpen with interface MLP-01 (¥30,000) when you use a MSX1 computer without this interface (it's the case of the MPC-6)


  • The lightpen Y4AA is provided with the MPC-11. The lightpen MLP-10 is provided with the MPC-10 and probably the MPC-10mkII. Differences with lightpen Y4AA are unknown.
  • The mentioned computers were officially viewed as Videotex terminals when the contract was signed with the Captain company. They got then an additional label MPC-S1, meaning that they were good for this extra using.


Sanyo MPC-CAP1 with MPC-X Expander and MPC-10mkII computer
Sanyo MPC-CAP1 connection to the MSX1 computer
Sanyo MPC-CAP1 connection to the MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit