Sanyo MPC-X
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The Sanyo MPC-X, a.k.a Wavy X, is not a computer, but a Graphic Expander Unit with features especially conceived for lightpen and Captain videotex. It has been released in 1984.

Product name is "Graphic Expander unit". The official price is ¥89,800

Size: 380(W)×76(H)×330(L)mm
Weight: 4.1kg

There's also an KA-MPC-X interface that allows to use the MPC-X on any MSX computer, it includes the MEB-01 slot expander, a RGB21 cable and a cartridge with software for using of the lightpen. Official price: ¥27,600.

The MPC-X unit and the KA-MPC-X interface can be used without any adapter on the following computers, which have a expansion bus slot:

On any other MSX1 computer, an adapter (KA-UC-X) is required (¥7,800).

If you want to record the drawn and/or surimposed pictures with the MPC-11 computer or any other computer with only RGB21 output, you need the MSI-01 Super Impose Encoder (¥23,000).

The Sanyo MPC-6, MPC-10, MPC-10mkII and MPC-11 can also be used as Captain videotex terminals with the MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit, but in this case, you need the KA-MPC-CAP1 interface (¥178,000).


Sanyo MPC-X
Sanyo MPC-X
Sanyo KA-MPC-X : Slot expander + Lightpen Graphics cartridge + RGB cable


The MPC-X transforms a MSX1 computer almost in a MSX2 computer as it comes with

  • MSX2 palette: selection of 16 colors amongst 512 RGB colors
  • high-resolution: 512x204 (almost the MSX2 resolution in screen 7: 512x212 - actually 512x204 is the resolution of the Captain videotex)
  • superimposing: with choice between 2 superimposing modes (TV+MPC-X or MPC-X+computer)
  • still function: colors conversion of a video picture into a two colors picture with a gradation of 8, which can be corrected with the lightpen
  • zooming

Apparently, this unit has a V9938 videochip, its specific RAM (? 64kB) and VRAM (? 128kB) and its ROM comes with extended MSX-BASIC commands.


  • RGB output
  • Analog sound & Composite video (NTSC) input
  • Analog sound & Composite video (NTSC) output
  • Lightpen connector
  • Tape recorder connector (on the interface)
  • Disk drive connector (on the interface)