Sanyo VSS-300
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The Sanyo VSS-300 is a speech synthesizer released in 1989. It has 5 voice levels, 5 speed levels and 5 accent levels. Official name is 'Voice Synthesizer".

It was created in Japan by the Language Engineering Research Institute (言語工学研究所) and used in several schools for visually impaired people.

It uses

  • the screen reading VDM98K software, developed by Techno Mate
  • the N88-BASIC of the NEC computers (PC-8800 series and PC-9800 series), that can be easily adapted

It could be connected to most personal computers, including MSX machines, and produces an easy-to-listen voice.

Size: Width 7 cm x depth 28 cm x height 16 cm
Weight: about 3 kg
Price: ¥59,800


Sanyo VSS-300