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Shadow is the nickname of Róman van der Meulen (1973, The Netherlands), coder and designer. Shadow began coding in MSX-BASIC somewhere between 1983-1987 and moved to Assembler in the years after that only to join Savage in 1990 to form the group Fuzzy Logic.

Shadow was doing demos on his own before he and Savage decided to join forces and form Fuzzy Logic. He released stuff like the CGP#8 menu, First Rate Music Hall, Theater-demo and all that crap. Even did a handful of games coded in BASIC in the mid eighties, when Assembly seemed to be out of reach. Little did he know he would find himself coding his brain numb in Assembler in no-time!

When Shadow met Savage, Styxe and LOD partnership/friendship between Savage & Shadow became solid within a few days leading to the first step of Fuzzy Logic.

In the Fuzz years he was the guy coding his ass off and pasting all other contributions together and making an effort in creating a decent project out of all loose data (might say Shadow was project manager most of the time). Did almost all GFX on every fuzz project. Come to think about it, he probably did most music too (at least the little demos) Besides making demos, Shadow was also very active in coding several Utils like SEE and Oracle.



  • Get It (1988)
  • Get It 2 (1989)
  • Funny Bunny (1989)
  • Try Out (1989)

These games can be found on MCM Public Domain disk B16 - see MSX/MS-DOS Computer Magazine 34