Sharksym Hangul FontPack
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The Hangul FontPack is a cartridge designed by Youngman Seo to add the Korean support on MSX. Character set coding is CP949 (Hangul and Kanji). The cartridge contains 2MBytes of flash ROM, 128KBytes of (S)RAM. The RAM allows to load game ROM.

Unlike a standard Kanji-ROM, the I/O ports used to access the font are from 50h~53h. An ASCII mapper is also used for the internal software.

A second version (MSX FontPack v2) has been released in 2021 that adds the unicode (UTF-8) support in extra.

Brand No brand (Manufacturer: Youngman Seo)
Model Hangul FontPack (한글 FontPack)
Year 2015
Region Korea
Launch price
Package content Hangul Font cartridge, Software, User's Manual


Hangul FontPack
Hangul FontPack PCB
Hangul FontPack PCB-back
MSX FontPack v2 PCB

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