Sharksym MMC/SD Drive v1/v2
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The MMC/SD Drive v1 and v2 is in fact the same MMC/SD card interface developed since 2004 by Sharksym. This is an interface to make yourself but several people have produced this interface for sale.

The difference between v1 and v2 is the SD data transfert speed (almost 3 time faster for the v2).

There are three Disk-Rom available for the MMC/SD Drive. The first uses a adapted Disk-Rom v1.05 which is only compatible with the MSX-DOS1. The second uses a Disk-Rom v2.20 that is compatible with MSX-DOS1 and MSX-DOS2 but it's not supported by the MSX1s. The third is the same but for interfaces with two SD slots.


Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v2
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v2 back

Minimum Requirements

  • MSX1 with the Disk-Rom v1 or MSX2 with the Disk-Rom v2.20
  • 64kB RAM when Disk-Rom v1 or 128kB when the Disk-Rom v2.20
  • 1 cartridge slot free


  • 1 or 2 microSD slot (MicroSD up to 256MB in FAT12 and 2GB in FAT16)
    • FAT 12/16 partitions (FAT16 is supported by patched MSX-DOS2 only)
  • Flash ROM: 512kB
  • SCC support when the cartridge is made using a Konami's SCC cartridge
  • Support R800 ROM/DRAM mode on MSX Turbo R and Panasonic MSX2+ turbo mode


  • Flash Rom can be used for the following features
    • 128kB reserved for its Disk-ROM (Bios, Basic extensions, kernel and internal software)
    • Bootable ROM-Disk up to 384kB
    • MegaFlashRom up to 336kB (RomMappers: ASCII, Konami, Plain Rom up to 48kB with multi-Rom support)