Sharksym MMC/SD Drive v3
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The MMC/SD Drive v3 is the third version of an MMC/SD card interface developped since 2004 by Sharksym. This version brings some news features compared to the previous version but SCC sound was removed. However its Rom loader supports external SCC. This version was sold with a case available in several colors.


Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v3
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v3 back
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v3 PCB

Minimum Requirements

  • MSX2
  • 256kB Main-RAM
  • 1 cartridge slot free


  • 1 microSD slot (MicroSD up to 2GB or MicroSDHC up to 32GB)
    • FAT 12/16 partitions Windows compatible
  • Flash ROM: 2048kB
  • RAM: 512kB/1024kB(v3.1/v3.2)
  • Support R800 ROM/DRAM mode on MSX Turbo R and Panasonic MSX2+ turbo mode


  • Flash Rom is divised in three parts for the following features
    • Disk-ROM v2.20 (based on the MSX-DOS 2)
    • Bootable 720kB ROM-Disk (mainly used for SD card initialization)
    • MegaFlashRom up to 1024kB (RomMappers: ASCII, Cross Blaim, Deluxe Box, Konami, Plain Rom up to 64kB, etc)
  • The RAM is used as MegaRAM
  • Data recorder emulation


  • Game Runner
    • Loading CAS files up to 16kB
    • Loading ROM files