Sharksym MMC/SD Drive v4
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The MMC/SD Drive v4 is the fourth version of an MMC/SD card interface developped since 2004 by Sharksym. This version brings several news features compared to the previous version. SCC sound is back and is even compatible with the SCC+. This version is sold with a case available in several colors.


Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4 back
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4 PCB
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4 back
Sharksym MMC-SD Drive v4 red PCB

Minimum Requirements

  • MSX2
  • 1 primary or extended cartridge slot (512kB memory mapper, Kanji Rom and Basic-kun features are not available when the slot is not primary)


  • 1 microSD slot (MicroSD up to 2GB or MicroSDHC up to 32GB)
    • FAT 12/16 partitions Windows compatible
  • Flash ROM: 4096kB
  • RAM: 2048kB
  • SRAM: 32kB
  • SN76489AN sound chip (see the link below to remove it)
  • SCC+ hardware emulation with 128KB RAM or without
  • Support R800 ROM/DRAM mode on MSX Turbo R and Panasonic MSX2+ turbo mode


  • Flash Rom is divised in three parts for the following features
    • Bios based on the Disk-ROM v2.20
    • Bootable 720kB ROM-Disk (mainly used for SD card initialization)
    • MegaFlashRom up to 2048kB (RomMappers: ASCII, Cross Blaim, Deluxe Box, Koei, Konami, Plain Rom up to 64kB)
  • The RAM can be used as MegaRAM or hybride mode (Memory Mapper and MegaRAM)
  • Data recorder emulation
  • Kanji Rom JIS1 & JIS2 & Kanji driver: configurable in extended slot 1
  • MSX Basic-kun+: configurable in extended slot 2
  • Ram expansion: Memory mapper of 512kB configurable in the extended slot 3


  • Colecovision games loaders
  • MMCSD.COM (included software)
    • CAS EMU mode
    • FDD EMU
    • Game Runner mode
    • Game Runner 2 mode (Virtual machine)
    • SCC+ mode
    • Sub Slot mode
    • MV video player
  • MMCSD_AVGEN.exe: MV video converter (included software for windows)
  • SG1000.COM: Sega SG-1000 ROM loader by GDX
  • VGMPLAY.COM: Music player for SCC, SN76489 and many other sound chips by Grauw