Sharksym T-Wave
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T-Wave (for Triple Wave) is a sound expansion cartridge developed in 2020 whose goal is to improve the music of games a bit like NandemoSCC thanks to its sound effects. The sound comes out automatically through the 3.5 mm jack in stereo or to the MSX in mono. There is a function to adjust the overall frequency ratio and the output gain.


T-Wave PCB
T-Wave PCB back


  • WSG stereo or pseudo stereo
  • 2 SCC+ (same on L and R) with 64kB, 128kB or 512kB RAM by setting
  • 2 DCSG (one SN76486AN for L and one SN76486AN for R)
  • DAC 8bit PCM 44100Hz Mono or 22050Hz Stereo
  • 512kB RAM
  • 32kB SRAM (without saving by battery)

Note: T-Wave use the switchable I/O ports for sound effects control so there should be no conflict.