Sharksym paraMSX-R
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It is a cartridge developed in 2016 for MSX Turbo R. It allows to emulate various hardware and even many MSX.

Emulable machines:

  • MSX1: DPC-200, CPC-51, SPC-800, GFC-1080, FS-4000, HB-101, VG-8020, AX-200, C-BIOS1
  • MSX2: CPC-300, CPC-400, CPC-61, FS-A1F, HB-F1, MPC-25FD, NMS-8245, AX-350II, C-BIOS2
  • MSX2+: FS-A1FX, FS-A1WX, HB-F1XV, PHC-70FD2, MSX-PLAYer2003

The prefix para was referenced in the para building operated by HITEL in the terminal era. (author comment)

The bus extension connector is optional.


paraMSX-R with bus connector


  • MSX1/2/2+ machine emulation-Various Japanese, domestic, and European models built-in
  • 16 slots built-in, 4 of which can be external
  • System Flag-MSX2+ machine drive register built-in
  • Japanese Kanji Rom / Hangul Rom, 4 fonts, Hangul/Hanja 2 fonts built-in
  • General RAM-Built-in 64KB of basic RAM, set in units of 4 pages (16KB)
  • Memory Mapper RAM-Built-in standard mapper, 64KB ~ 512KB capacity setting
  • Virtual disk ROM-Built-in DOS1/DOS2 integrated ROM, connects and drives the physical disk of the body
  • Fun or deluxe box compatible Mega RAM (4MegaBit) built-in
  • PAC, FMPAC, AUDIO BIOS, Korean FontPack support
  • Built-in basic group, MSX-AID, Yamaha painter
  • Modified MSX-AUDIO Bios (v1.3) can be used if you have Y8950 and OPL series chips such as Philips Music Module, Moon Sound, and Moon Sound.