Sharp HB-3600
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The Sharp HB-3600 Dual Disk Drive Controller consists of a Floppy Disk Interface and power supply that supports one or two drives.

The drives that are meant to be used with it are the Sharp HB-6000 which is a 5.25" drive supporting 180 or 360kB disk capacities. However the interface firmware also support 3.5" disks with capacities of 360 or 720kB.

The power supply is the size of a 5.25" disk drive and meant to sit underneath the disk drives and can power two drives.

The interface includes a Brazilian regionalized Disk-ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC commands. It also included two 5.25" disks:

  • HB-DOS 1.2 (modified MSX-DOS)
  • HB-MCP 1.1 (CP/M v2.2 compatible)

The interface was sold alone or with a 5"1/4 drive in Brazil. The drive can be powered using either 110 or 220V.


HB-3600 box
HB-3600 + HB-6000 drive
HB-3600 + HB-6000 rear


Date prompt
Format command


HB-DOS 1.2
HB-MCP 1.1