Sharp HB-6000
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The Sharp HB-6000 is a 5.25" drive supporting 180 or 360kB disk capacities. It was designed to be used with the HB-3600 Dual Disk Drive Controller that consists of a floppy disk interface and a power supply that supports one or two drives.

Note that the firmware of the interface also supports 3.5" disks with capacities of 360 or 720kB.

The power supply has the size of a 5.25" disk drive, needs to be put underneath the disk drives and can power two drives. They can be powered using either 110 or 220V.

The interface includes a Brazilian regionalized ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

The interface was sold alone or in a package with the drive.

Brand Sharp
Type HB-6000 / HB-3600
Region Brazil
Official price Interface: ....
Full package: ....
Package content Full package:
HB-3600 interface
HB-6000 drive
Two 5.25" disks with software
Operating instructions
Emulation ROM of the interface dumped and emulated


The package interface + drive also included two 5.25" disks:

  • HB-DOS 1.2 (modified MSX-DOS)
  • HB-MCP 1.1 (CP/M v2.2 compatible)



Sharp HB-3600 box
Sharp HB-6000 drive + HB-3600 interface
Sharp HB-6000 + HB-3600 back


Date prompt
Format command


HB-DOS 1.2
HB-MCP 1.1