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Smurf is a small game released as listing by the French magazine Micro 7. It has been created by F. Cockenpot and published in issue 25 of 03/85.

A funny game that comes straight from the saga of the Smurfs!


Smurf - stage 1
Smurf - stage 2


The player moves a little Smurf and he needs to get an apple that is on a boat.

Drive the Smurf to a pier, he will take the apple if you press the spacebar (or the trigger) when the boat passes near the pier.

Then drive the Smurf to the doorstep of the house and drop the apple by pressing the spacebar (or the trigger).

Avoid falling in the water!

When there are two apples on the doorstep of the house, you will go to a new stage.

Note: The published listing is for playing with the keyboard.

To add joystick support:

  • change line 1230 to ST=STRIG(0)ORSTRIG(1)
  • replace STRIG(0) by ST in lines 1240 and 1410 (Beware! Keep a space in line 1240 between ST and AND)
  • replace STICK(0) by STICK(0)ORSTICK(1) in line 1310