Sony AC-HB1
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The Sony AC-HB1 is a series of external power supplies (PSU), that were supplied with the range of Sony HB-10 MSX computers. They have the same output voltages, but the input voltages and wall plugs vary according to the intended region.

In Spain, Sony also shipped the AC-HB2P with the Sony HB-20P, this adapter is included in the table below as it has the exact same output specs, and therefore can be used as a replacement.

Product Region Input voltage Wall plug Supplied with
Sony AC-HB1 JP AC 100V ~ 50/60Hz 15VA JIS C 8303 (YP-13) Sony HB-10
Sony AC-HB1B UK AC 240V ~ 50Hz BS 1363 Sony HB-10B
Sony AC-HB1D DE AC 220V ~ 50/60Hz 17W Schuko (CEE 7/4) Sony HB-10D
Sony AC-HB1P NL, ES AC 220V ~ 50/60Hz 17W Schuko (CEE 7/4) Sony HB-10P
Sony HB-20N
Sony AC-HB2P ES AC 220V ~ 50/60Hz 23W Europlug Sony HB-20P

It is unclear why Sony had both the AC-HB1D and AC-HB1P since they have identical specs and plugs.

If the power supply is missing, it can be difficult to source a replacement, as it not only uses an unusual connector, but it also supplies two different voltages of which one is AC and the other DC.

While this adapter may seem similar to the Sony AC-HB3, the connector and output voltages are NOT the same, and they cannot be used as substitutes


Sony AC-HB1P
Sony AC-HB1
Sony AC-HB1 red


The connector is proprietary.

  • Input: various, see table above
  • Output:
    • DC6V ⎓ 900mA
    • AC16V ~ 160mA