Sony AC-HB3
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The Sony AC-HB3 is an external power supply (PSU), that was supplied with the Japanese Sony HB-F1 and HB-F1II MSX computers.

The power supply has the same specifications, connector and pin-out as the Panasonic FS-AA51, and they are therefore compatible.

If the power supply is missing, it can be difficult to source a replacement, as it not only uses an unusual connector, but it also supplies two different voltages of which one is AC and the other DC.

While this adapter may seem similar to the Sony AC-HB1 series, or the Sony AC-HB2P, the connector and output voltages are NOT the same, and they cannot be used as substitutes


Sony AC-HB3
Sony AC-HB3 label
Sony AC-HB3 connector


The connector is sometimes referred to as Mini-IEC.

The same connector was also used on the Neo Geo CD and on some old HP power supplies like the HP SDD018-1000. Do note however that the output voltages are NOT compatible.

  • Input: AC 100V ~ 50/60Hz 23VA
  • Output:
    • DC9V ⎓ 1.2A
    • AC18V ~ 170mA
Circuit Diagram of the Sony AC-HB3 AC Adapter