Sony HB-10P
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The Sony HB-10P is the adaptation for the European market of the HB-10 - see HB-10 series for the technical details.

It was available in the Netherlands and Spain. Note however that the keyboard is slightly different for Spain. While both are QWERTY, the Spanish model has for instance a ñ key and does not have a £ key.

It included an external power supply, the Sony AC-HB1P.

There are also specific versions for Great Britain and Germany - see HB-10B and HB-10D.


Sony HB-10P with 'International' keyboard
Sony HB-10P with Spanish keyboard
Sony HB-10P back
Sony HB-10P right side
Sony HB-10P packaging
Sony HB-10P PCB
Sony AC-HB1P power adapter