Sony HB-501F
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The Sony HB-501F was sold only in France - see HB-501 series for the technical details

Launch price: 1990 FF


The provided English software on tape is the same as the built-in firmware on HB-101P and HB-201P.

To skip it, press CTRL-SHIFT-CODE-GRAPH at startup, then enter SCREEN 0. You can also use this trick later, at any moment when you are using the Personal Databank.

It has 6 options: BASIC, Address, Schedule, Memo, Transfer (replaced by Copy when a HBI-55 cartridge is present), BASIC + DATA CARTRIGE (only if HBI-55 present).

The 3rd option (5th when there's a disk drive) of the Copy menu leads to the Erase Data screen.

The BASIC + DATA CARTRIGE option allows to save little BASIC programs on the data cartridge and to load / run them from this cartridge, with the instructions SAVE"CAT:" and LOAD"CAT:".

By comparison with the HB-55P and HB-75P machines, the software has been improved to support the addition of a disk drive. Besides, from MSX-BASIC, you can go back to the Personal Databank with CALL HITBIT or _HITBIT.



Sony HB-501F
Sony HB-501F box and manuals
Sony HB-501F box (back)
Sony HB-501F mainboard
Sony HB-501P / HB-501F Personal Databank cassette
Sony HB-501F back


Main menu without HBI-55
Main menu with HBI-55
Main menu with FDD (no HBI-55)
Main menu with HBI-55 and FDD
Transfer (without FDD)
Copy (without FDD)
Transfer (with FDD)
Copy (with FDD)
Erase Data