Sony HB-55
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This machine was aimed at the Japanese market - see HB-55 series for the technical details

The package includes a HBI-55 cartridge.

Launch price: ¥54,800


The firmware (8kB ROM) is launched automatically when you boot the machine.

If you select any of the options in the firmware menu while the HBI-55 cartridge is not present, you get a message requesting to power off and insert this cartridge.

The menu includes only 4 options: Address, Schedule, Memo and BASIC. Note that this first version of the firmware only supports saving of data to this S-RAM cartridge.

The graphic aspect of the firmware menu is not very attractive, especially when you compare it with the versions available on other Sony computers.

Contrary to the European HB-55P, it's not possible to save a small BASIC program on the HBI-55 cartridge because the instructions LOAD"CAT:" and SAVE"CAT:" are not implemented.



Sony HB-55 box
Sony HB-55 (red)
Sony HB-55 (red) right side
Sony HB-55 (gray)
Sony HB-55 (gray) back
Sony HB-55 (gray) right side
Sony HB-55 (gray) package
Sony HB-55 (red) package
Sony HB-55 label
Sony HB-55 (red) back
Sony HB-55 PCB


Main menu
Message when HBI-55 cartridge not present