Sony HB-701FD
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The Sony HB-701FD is the first Hit bit Computer equiped with a built-in floppy disk drive (see HBD-100). This machine was aimed at the Japanese market and available in black on front and pale gray.

The only difference between the HB-701FD and the HB-701 is the drive, which is build in the HB-701FD. Front and back of both machines are exactly the same, with only a little difference on the left front, corresponding to the location of the drive.

The machine has a separate keyboard without numeric keypad. It's a QWERTY Japanese keyboard with ANSI layout for kanas characters. The provided floppy disk contains a sprite animation utility.

Brand Sony
Type HB-701FD
Year 1984-11
Region Japan
Original price ¥148,000
RAM 64kB
Media MSX cartridges, 1DD floppy disks
Video Texas Instruments TMS9928ANL
Audio PSG (YM2149F)
Chipset none (separate IC's)
Keyboard layout {{{keylayout}}}
Extras 360kB 3,5" floppy disk drive, firmware (HIT-BIT ART: graphic editor and title editor), software on disk (sprite animation utility), superimposer, volume control, reset button, brightness adjuster for superimposing, remote sensor
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details. Also a dump of the provided floppy disk is required.


Sony HB-701FD
Sony HB-701FD front
Sony HB-701FD back
Sony HB-701FD box
Sony HB-701FD keyboard
Sony HB-701FD box back
Sony HB-701FD manuals and floppy disk
Sony HB-701FD mainboard
Sony HB-701FD inside


The HB-701FD is a MSX1 with a Z80A from Sharp (LH0080A) or NEC (uPD780C-1). Floppy disk controller is the WD2793.

This computer has integrated capabilities for superimposing. A wireless joystick (JS-75) can be used via the remote sensor.

Unit size: 355 (w) x 325 (l) x 79 (h) mm


  • RF output
  • RGB output (not SCART)
  • Stereo analog sound & Composite video output
  • Stereo analog sound & Composite video input
  • 2 x RCA connectors for S video signal control
  • Data Recorder connector
  • Centronics compatible Parallel port for a printer
  • 2 general connectors (Joysticks, Mouse, Paddle controlers, etc)
  • 2 cartridge slots
  • Power socket for the monitor
  • Power plug for main power supply (JIS C 8303 class, AC 100V +/-10% 50/60Hz)

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