Sony HBI-55
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The Sony HBI-55 is a data cartridge identical to the UDC-01 from Yamaha. It is used to store the data of the Personal Databank that comes with the following Sony computers:

The Personal Databank software is provided on tape for the HB-501 while it's built-in for all the other mentioned machines.

The data are saved on a 4kB SRAM (Static RAM) and a little battery preserves them when the computer is off.

Little BASIC programs can also be saved on this cartridge and you can load / run them from the cartridge, with the commands SAVE"CAT:" and LOAD"CAT:".


Sony HBI-55 box
Sony HBI-55 box, cartridge and manual
Sony HBI-55 cartridge
Sony HBI-55 box, cartridge and manual