Sony HBS-H022D
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The Sony HBS-H022D cartridge called "Easy Telopper II" , also known as Quick Telopper, is a telop video maker application for the HB-F900 / HBI-F900 system.

It was contracted out to HAL Laboratory by Sony, the person in charge of the project at the time was Satoru Iwata (who became president of Nintendo between 2002 to 2015).

The package consists of:

  • the cartridge itself
  • the Japanese manual
  • two floppy disks:
    • the first disk contains a very advanced graphic tool, Quick Telopper, including the graphics editor Halos, text editor and text scroll/wipe tools - you need to press on CTRL when booting the computer if you want to use this application
    • the second disk includes MSX-DOS 1, a back-up version of Halos and digitized pictures. To run the application, you need to enter HALOS on the MSX-DOS command line.

A mouse is required to use these tools.

Brand Sony
Model HBS-H022D
Region JP
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Sony HBS-H022D packaging
Sony HBS-H022D cartridge
Sony HBS-H022D cartridge & manual
Sony HBS-H022D PCB
Sony HBS-H022D PCB back