Sony PRN-C41
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The PRN-C41 is a 4 color plotter released by Sony in Japan in 1984 for use with the MSX and the (non-MSX) Sony SMC-777. The power supply is the AC-C41.

A set of replacement plotter pens was sold as the PRK-C41 (small) or PRK-C42 (big).

It has an international or Japanese MSX character set depending on the region it was sold in.

You can get the Kanji support by adding the PRN-K41 Kanji-ROM. It is just a MOS IC to insert in its socket.

The version for the German market was the PRN-C41D. The difference with the regular European PRN-C41 is presumably that the German version replaces the zero (0) character from the International MSX character set with the German DIN variation. The difference therefore would be pretty much unnoticeable.

Model Year Region Character set PSU
PRN-C41 1984 Japan Japanese 100V
PRN-C41 1985 Europe International 220V
PRN-C41D 1985 Germany DIN 220V

In the Netherlands it was sold in combination with Creative Greetings on cartridge.

The same printer was also sold as the General PCP-5501 and the Toshiba HX-P570.

Brand Sony
Model PRN-C41 / PRN-C41D
Year 1984 (Japan), 1985 (Europe)
Region Europe, Japan
Launch price DE: 748DM
IT: L. 630,000
JP: ¥54,800
NL: ƒ899
Package content


Sony PRN-C41 set (Japan)
Sony PRN-C41 set (Europe)
Sony PRN-C41 box (Europe)
Sony PRN-C41 open
Sony PRN-C41 closed
Sony PRN-C41D
Sony PRN-C41D label
Sony PRN-C41 Centronics connector
Sony PRN-C41 Japanese manual
Sony PRN-C41 European manual

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