Sord M5
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Sord M5 is a computer with hardware that seems close to MSX1s. It was released in 1982 in the countries such as Japan, South Korea, UK and Czechoslovakia with localized character set and keyboard. The UK release was called CGL M5 after its distributor CGL (Computer Games Limited). Later the low cost versions called M5 Pro and Jr. were released.

The (big) power supply is external.

Brand Sord Computer Corporation
Model Sord M5
Year 1982
Region Worldwide
Launch price ¥49,800
Media Sord M5 cartridges
Video Texas Instruments TMS9918A
Audio Texas Instruments SN76489AN
Chipset Specific gate array (GA015)
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Sord M5 packaging
Sord M5 rightside
Sord M5
Sord M5 rear
Sord M5 PCB
Sord M5 with its slot expander


CPU is a Sharp (LH0080A) with 4kB of RAM (7000h-7FFFh) and a Z80 CTC (Counter/Timer circuit). CTC is used for detailed management of interrupts. CTC also mediates interrupt requests from VDP. Rom size is 8kB. It contains its BIOS.

The Sord M5 RAM is expandable to 32kB with a cartridge. A slot expander 3x (EB-5) was also sold.

There are three different BASIC cartridges that was sold in option to choose according to the expected use.


  • RF-output
  • Analog sound and composite video output
  • Sord M5 cartridge slot
  • Centronics 16-pin interface
  • Data recorder connector (8-pin DIN)
  • 2 controller ports (6P mini-din)
  • Power supply input (-/+5V, +12V)

Run Sord M5 software on MSX

Sord M5 software can't run on MSX without changes. No loader is available and no software was converted.

The differences between the Sord M5 and MSXs are:

  • Memory map
  • BIOS
  • Z80 CTC (software are probably difficult to convert to MSX because of this CTC)
  • Used I/O ports
  • PSG is a SN76489 instead of AY-3-8910 (noise generator is on a separate voice)
  • Controllers

Fixes and upgrades