Spectravideo SV-601
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The Spectravideo SV-601 is a super expander allowing to extend the SVI-318/328 computers with seven special cartridges.

Only the following cartridges can be used with this expander:

  • SV-701 modem
  • SV-801 dual disk drive controller
  • SV-802 Centronics interface for printer
  • SV-803 16kB RAM expansion
  • SV-805 RS-232C interface
  • SV-806 80 column adapter
  • SV-807 64kB RAM expansion
  • SV-820 I/O interface
  • SV-827 modem for Datavision (Swedish Videotex)
  • SVI-809 LAN interface

The rightmost cartridge location is reserved for the SV-801 cartridge, due to its non-standard 44-pin connector.

This expander has internal storage places for a TV modulator and the provided SV-202 power supply transformer.


Spectravideo SV-601 box
Spectravideo SV-601
Spectravideo SV-601 label
Spectravideo SV-601 opened
SV-601 opened + SV-902 drive
Spectravideo SV-601 + SV-902 drive