Spectravideo SV-801
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The Spectravideo SV-801 is a cartridge containing a floppy disk controller and allowing to connect two disk drives. It has two 34-pin connectors, which are not compatible with standard disk drives.

To use it, you need

  • at least 64kB RAM - it means that you must add a SV-807 cartridge if you have a SVI-318 computer
  • the SV-601 super expander, which has a dedicated location for the SV-801 cartridge

You can't use it with

  • the SV-602 mini expander (due to a non-standard 44-pin connector)
  • the SV-605 super expander (due to conflict with the built-in floppy disk cartridge)

Note: There is also a model for MSX computers under SVI-717 reference.

Brand Spectravideo
Model SV-801
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