Spectravideo SVI-2000
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The Spectravideo SVI-2000 Robotarm is a robotic arm released in 1986 and sold in 3 versions. In addition the MSX and Commodore (C66/128/VIC20) cartridges to control the arm could be purchased separately.

Product Title Description
SVI-2000 Robotic arm
SVI-2000A Alpha Pack Robotic arm + 2 Quickshot Joysticks
SVI-2000B Beta Pack Robotic arm + MSX Interface cartridge
SVI-2000C ROGO Language Card MSX interface cartridge

The robotic arm package Includes a shovel, a gripper arm and a magnetic arm which can be attached to the robot arm.

The interface includes a 16kB ROM with the ROGO language, a kind of LOGO. It can be used only on MSX computers with at least 64kB RAM.

There are three ways to control the robotic arm:

The robotic arm requires four 1.5V batteries to operate.

Launch prices:
SVI-2000A: 690 FF (France)
SVI-2000B: 950 FF (France)


The original ROM automatically launches the software and does not work on computers having the RAM in an expanded slot (what's the case on MSX2 and higher especially).

Three MSX fans, Jipe, NYYRiKKI and GDX, have modified this ROM:

  • Jipe has made the ROM compatible with any MSX generation (except if slot 0 is expanded)
  • NYYRIKKI version does not automatically launch the software except if you press the R key while booting the computer
  • GDX version skips the ROGO software if you press the CTRL key while booting the computer

From MSX-BASIC, you can access the ROGO language with CALL ROGO or _ROGO if you use NYRRIKKI or GDX version. These versions fixe compatibility problems of the original version. However, GDX version prevents using of more than one disk drive with BASIC/ML programs.

List of built-in commands can be displayed with COMMAND and you can create new commands by using the command TO. All commands can be used to create procedures, which are temporarily stored in the computer RAM. You can save these procedures to tape and load them later from tape. The command SHOWARM allows to visualise the movements of the robot on graphic screen.



SVI-2000A box
SVI-2000A box and content
SVI-2000B box
SVI-2000C manual
SVI-2000A joysticks
SVI-2000 box (Robotarm alone)
SVI-2000B box and content
SVI-2000B box (underside)
SVI-2000 robotarm
SVI-2000B box (left side)
SVI-2000B box (right side)
SVI-2000 label
SVI-2000 joystick connectors
SVI-2000C Interface
SVI-2000 robotarm
SVI-2000C Partial Diagram (by Jipe)
SVI-2000C manual and interface
SVI-2000C Interface PCB
SVI-2000C Interface PCB underside


ROGO - start
ROGO - list of commands
ROGO - command editor
ROGO - visualizing screen


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