Spectravideo SVI-2000
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Spectravideo SVI-2000 is a robot arm released in 1985. The robotic arm was sold in 3 versions. In addition the MSX and Commodore (C66/128/VIC20) cartridges to control the arm could be purchased separately.

Product Title Description
SVI-2000 Robotic arm
SVI-2000A Alpha Pack Robotic arm + 2 Quickshot Joysticks
SVI-2000B Beta Pack Robotic arm + MSX Interface cartridge
SVI-2000C ROGO Language Card MSX interface cartridge

Included were a shovel, a gripper arm and a magnetic arm which can be attached to the robot arm.

Programming language is ROGO. The robotic arm can be controlled with two MSX joysticks connected to the General Purpose port or two Atari compatible joysticks (including Sega Master System joysticks) directly connected to robotic arm ports. I/O ports used by the interface are 00h and 01h.

The robotic arm requires four 1.5V batteries to operate.

Prices at launch:
SVI-2000A: 690 F (France)
SVI-2000B: 950 F (France)


Spectravideo SVI-2000A box
Spectravideo SVI-2000B box
Spectravideo SVI-2000 box (Robotarm alone)
Spectravideo SVI-2000C Interface
Spectravideo SVI-2000 Robotarm
Spectravideo SVI-2000C Interface PCB
Spectravideo SVI-2000C Interface PCB bottom
Spectravideo SVI-2000C Partial Diagram (by Jipe)

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