Spectravideo SVI-201
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The Spectravideo SVI-201 is an external AC adapter designed for the SVI-300 computer series, the SVI-728 computer and the SVI-707 disk drive.

SVI-728 computers that were sold in the USA/North America use the same power supply as the Blue Chip BCD 5.25" floppy disk drive for the Commodore 64.

The model number can also be 318-201, 108-138 or 108-148.

Despite some models of the adapter proclaiming to support the 300 and 700 series, the SVI-738 actually uses a different incompatible AC adapter (AC 16V, 2VA).

Compatible devices

Model Type of device
Spectravideo SVI-318 SVI-3x8 computer
Spectravideo SVI-318 MK2 SVI-3x8 computer
Spectravideo SVI-328 SVI-3x8 computer
Spectravideo SVI-328 MK2 SVI-3x8 computer
Spectravideo SVI-707 MSX disk drive
Spectravideo SVI-728 MSX computer


Spectravideo SVI-201
Spectravideo 108-148
Spectravideo 318-20
Spectravideo SVI-201 (Spain)
Spectravideo SVI-201 (240V)
Spectravideo 108-138 (120V)


This AC adapter provides two different output voltages.

The connector is the same as the power supply for the ColecoVision console and the Texas Instruments TI99/4A computer. But beware, as they don't output the same voltages.
  • Input:
    • AC 220V 50Hz ~ 35 or 36W (European models)
    • AC 240V 50Hz ~ 36W (UK models)
    • AC 120V, 60Hz ~ 36W (USA/North America)
  • Output:
    • AC 16V ~ 0.8A
    • AC 9V ~ 1.5A