Spectravideo SVI-609
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The Spectravideo SVI-609 is a rare super expander that transforms a SVI-328 computer into a LAN Master Station.

It can be viewed as the ultimate version of the SV-605B expander as

  • it has
    • a boot ROM on the LAN-card (2x RS-422, Z8530)
    • a 10MB Seagate ST-212 SASI MM (WD1002-SHD) hard disk drive with its controller
    • one double sided 320kB 5.25" floppy disk drive
    • two built-in interfaces: Centronics interface for printer and disk drive controller
    • a modulator or monitor cable
  • the four cartridges locations are occupied as follows:
    • SV-806 80 column adapter
    • SV-805 RS-232C interface
    • SV-807 64kB RAM expansion
    • SV-8?? Hard Disk controller

Maximum 32 SVI or MSX stations can have access to the mass-storage and rapid printing resources of the SVI-609 Master Station. The MSX computers are connected to the Local Area Network by the SVI-709 interface, the SVI-328 machines need a super expander and the SVI-809 interface.

Each slave station can make use of a portion of the SVI-609's 10MB hard disk for its own file storage, and all stations can share a common storage area, printer spooler and software library.


Spectravideo SVI-609 Local Area Network

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