Standard MSX 1
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Standard MSX 1



Published in May/June 1985.

Was sold with a cassette containing two games: Vacuumania and Lazer Bykes. This cassette was sold later separately.

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This software can also be found on the LISTINGS 1/2 cassette and on the LISTINGS 1 diskette, which were sold separatly. Seven digitized pictures for MSX2 are included on the enhanced disk version, sold in 1988.


Title Author Generation Soundchips
KGB Revenge
(La Revanche du KGB)
Daniel Martin
Hugh Lampert


Title Author Generation Notes
Cassette Header
(Header Cassette)
Daniel Martin MSX1
Central Memory
(Mémoire Centrale)
Daniel Martin MSX1
Listing Formatting on Printer
(Formatage d'un Listing sur Imprimante)
Daniel Martin MSX1
Musical Sequences
(Séquences Musicales)
Daniel Martin MSX1 PSG