Stereo Music Disk 1
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Music disk published in August 1991 by the Twinsoft team. For every MSX2 and higher with at least a 128kB memory mapper.


It contains 15 stereo MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 1 format. FST2.BIN is actually a looping version of the driver STL2.BIN.

Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer
ACTION ACTION Action Theme Richard Fielt
TWINBACK TWINBACK Twinsoft Is Back Richard Fielt
MIKY'S MIKY'S Miky's Friend Richard Fielt
Ferdinand Oort
HITRUN HITRUN Hit And Run!! Ferdinand Oort
U-DIMENS U-DIMENS The Unknown Dimension Jaffe Hakkebar
Ferdinand Oort
TWINACID TWINACID Twin-Acid Richard Fielt
Ferdinand Oort
SYNTACID TWINACID Synthesizer Acid Line Richard Fielt
EXCALIBU EXCALIBU Excalibur - The Dayz
Of Mind Over Matter
Ferdinand Oort
TAKEEASY ACTION Take It Easy Richard Fielt
LOGICAL ACTION Logically Basic Richard Fielt
P-SOUNDS P-SOUNDS Penetrating Sounds Richard Fielt
SOUND-CR MIKY'S Sound Cracker Richard Fielt
BASSSLAV BASSSLAV Bass-Slave Richard Fielt
EUNUCH EUNUCH Eunuch (Long Version) Ferdinand Oort
Richard Fielt
CANONBAS CANONBAS Cannon-Bass Ferdinand Oort


  • Besides the stereo driver, Marco van de Berg has also provided a simple stereo replayer where you can even choose the soundchip(s) separately for each channel. You can optionally try another drumkit than the recommended one.