Sunrise GFX9000
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The Sunrise GFX9000 is a cartridge released in 1994 for any generation of MSX computers, built around a Yamaha V9990 Video Display Processor. The V9990 is based on the never released Yamaha V9978 VDP, which was supposed to be in the MSX3.

It was the first V9990 cartridge on market and de-facto standard for later designs, like the Tecnobytes V9990 Powergraph. It features a seperate video output connector. (RGB only)


Sunrise GFX9000 PCB v1.1
Sunrise GFX9000 cartridge v1.1
Sunrise GFX9000 v1.0 PCB


The Sunrise GFX9000 allows all Yamaha V9990 video capabilities to be used on MSX, and contains 512kB DPDRAM (dual ported dynamic RAM) memory. The video signal generated by the V9990 is available only on GFX9000 video output connector, which requires a second monitor for proper usage.

Please check Yamaha V9990 for detailed information on its graphic capabilities.


As the first cartridge using the V9990 VDP, the GFX9000 established a standard for both hardware and software using V9990 on MSX.

The V9990 VDP isn't binary compatible with any of the MSX VDP models, new software is needed. As GFX9000 contains just the V9990 VDP, it is compatible with any MSX computer, but software developed for it may have higher requirements.


RGB out

Software Included with the GFX9000

  • Paint9000: 512×212 P2 mode with 16 colours (from a 32768 palette)
  • GFXAGE: 256×212 P1 mode.
  • PowerBASIC and X-BASIC (GFX9000 version) for MSX Turbo R
  • PICVIEW: displays BMP and GIF files

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