SuperSoniqs Neotron
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Neotron is a FM music expansion developped in 2018 by Junsoft.

The chip used is called OPNB (YM2610). It has a PSG with 3 channels, an FM tone generator on 4 channels and a multiplexed ADPCM bus that supports 4 channels. It is the same chip as the Neo-Geo console.

Alternatively a YM2610B can be used on the board, this chip was used mainly by Taito on their Arcade boards. The YM2610B features 2 extra FM channels but is otherwise the same as the YM2610.

Launch price: €125,00


Supersoniqs Neotron with box
SuperSoniqs Neotron PCB with Taito YM2610B (OPNB-B)
SuperSoniqs Neotron PCB with YM2610B (OPNB-B)
Supersoniqs Neotron PCB


  • SSG (Software Sound Generator): 3 channels (such as MSX PSG)
  • FM (Frequency Modulation): 4 channels (6 channels if YM2610B is installed)
  • ADPCM (Sample playback): 7 channels