Suzo The Arcade
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The Arcade by Suzo is a joystick released in Europe.

It is a heavy duty joystick built similar to the controls of arcade systems, with a joystick handle with metal core. Most of them use micro-switches, although the last revision switched to cheaper leaf switches. This cannot be seen from the outside, but micro-switches can be distinguished from leaf switches from the clicking sound they make.

It was available in black and beige.

Brand Suzo
Model The Arcade
Region Europe
Launch price IT: L. 49,000
Package content
Emulation generic joystick


The Arcade Joystick is compatible with MSX systems. However it is only suitable for games which require one trigger button. It is also compatible with older ATARI and Commodore systems that need just a single trigger button.


The Arcade Turbo
The Arcade Turbo - Beige