Suzo The Arcade Turbo
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The Arcade Turbo is a joystick released in Europe. It is a heavy duty joystick built similar to the controls of arcade systems, with a joystick handle with metal core. The Turbo version of the controller uses micro switches, with exception of the trigger button at the top which uses a leaf switch. It has a sliding switch underneath.


The Joystick has a sliding switch on the bottom, and a jumper inside on the PCB (picture below).

Depending on the jumper setting, the sliding switch at the bottom behaves differently.

  • In one position there are two separate functioning trigger buttons, and the switch on the bottom controls which is A and B.
  • In the other position there is only one working trigger button, and the switch on the bottom controls which one works.

For use with an MSX it is recommended that you ensure the jumper is set such that you have two separate trigger buttons.

Brand Suzo
Model The Arcade Turbo
Region Europe
Launch price IT: L. 69,000
Package content
Emulation generic joystick


The Arcade Turbo
The Arcade Turbo
The Arcade Turbo - bottom
The Arcade Turbo
The Arcade Turbo - box
The Arcade Turbo - box side
The Arcade Turbo PCB with jumper