Talent TDC-600
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The Talent TDC-600 is a floppy disk interface, which features a WD37C65 floppy disk controller that was used in many IBM-PC clones.

It supports up to two drives using a standard twisted PC FDD flat cable. Drives are powered by an external power supply, since like the majority the MSX disk interfaces, this cartridge does not supply power for the drives.

It is compatible with standard PC 3.5" (360 or 720kB) and 5.25" (180 or 360kB) floppy drives and accepts two drives being simultaneously connected. There's a switch to swap the floppy drives A: and B: letters.

The interface includes a ROM with version 1 of the Disk BASIC instructions.

It has been re-created by MSX fans under several names:

Brand Talent
Type TDC-600
Region Argentina
Official price
Package content
Emulation ROM dumped, but not yet emulated.


Talent TDC-600 Schematic