Talent TVD-256
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The Talent TVD-256 is a video digitizer/superimposer designed to be connected to the color bus of the TPC-310 computer. It has buttons to select the audio/video source, the video intensity, the color intensity, the resolution (256x212 or 512x212) and the working mode (pure for only digitizing or mix for superimposing).

It was sold with a a 5.25" floppy disk containing a program to create video subtitles. This program was called "Titulador" (Titler) and worked under MSX-DOS1 mode. The quantity of subtitle text was limited by the RAM memory and the program wasn't able to load subtitles from diskette in sequence, so the videos to subtitle couldn't be too long. The "Titulador" software worked only in 256x212 resolution (SCREEN 8), was very buggy and sometimes would hang the computer.


Talent TVD-256
Talent TVD-256 back
Talent TVD-256 inside
Talent TVD-256 inside (detail)
Talent TVD-256 inside (detail)
Talent TVD-256 inside (detail)


  • RGB input (to connect to the RGB output of the TPC-310 computer)
  • RGB output
  • RF output
  • Analog sound & Composite video input