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Maintenance Info for the Yamaha FD-03 drive. I recently fixed my Yamaha FD-03 after 10+ years of no usage. The drive belt had of course deteriorated and was replaced from a vendor selling them on eBay. After taking the drive apart I replaced the belt, connected it to my Sony MSX2 HB-F1. The drive would power up but did not spin. It's supposed to activate the stepper motor and turn on the spin motor briefly. I took it apart and found that whilst everything would seem to spin "by hand" it was a little stiff, it needed cleaning and lubrication. Removing the large fly-wheel underneath the disc was the hardest thing as it's held in place on the shaft by a small hex (grub) screw. Mine was very tight so I applied a tiny amount of degreasing solvent and left it so that gravity would let it sink in. After a few minutes I could turn the screw much more easily. Make you have a good hex screw, you don't want to slip and ruin the screw so that you can't get it out! Once apart, there is a single bearing which I applied silicon lubricant (ie. WD40). I also cleaned everything I could and applied silicon lubricant on the stepper motor rails and thread screw and left it over night. I also left a little "play" (vertical movement) when reattaching the fly-wheel. The next day I partially reassembled it and tested and everything worked much better. I ran "call drivecheck" which was successful and also formatted a couple disks. I created a small Basic program and saved it and later reloaded it. I then reassembled the rest of it and left it overnight. The next morning I reloaded my basic program again. So everything seems good, I'm very happy with it now. It's a pretty neat device I would like to test it on an MSX 1 computer - it should work equally well on it I would think.