Talk:Yamaha YIS-503IIIR
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There are some inaccuracies here.

YIS503IIIR has no teacher/student switch. It inherited the switch hole from YIS503IIR MSX1 network module but there is no switch in it. Instead of it the network module has a DIP switch inside with 4 configurable bits that define the number of student machine (1 - 15). Setting DIP to 0 makes the machine a teacher's machine.

Also, it worth mentioning that

- the label is КУВТ2, and not just КУВТ, which was used on YIS503IIR MSX1

- YIS503IIR MSX1 КУВТ network module is a totally different thing, with student/teacher switch, different chips and commands, incompatible with КУВТ2

- all CALL commands can be shortened to 3-4 letters, and no space is required after underscore, e.g. CALL NETEND can be replaced with _NETE

- the composite video output has color on КУВТ MSX1 machines, but on КУВТ2 MSX2 it is monochrome.