Tanam Coleco MSX Adapter
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Coleco MSX Adapter was designed by Tanam to make a dump of ROM cartridges for Colecovision on MSX. The adapter is sold with an extension on PCB to put in the slot 2 that contains a RAM and a ROM to execute Rom images using the emulator Mission modified for this extension. The extension does not have a dedicated sound chip. The sound is played by the PSG of the MSX and an SCC to put in the slot 1.

NSSAVE.COM or SGSAVE.COM (included in SGTOOL.zip) can be used to make Rom cartridge dump.

You can execute some Colecovision Rom images with COLECO.COM or Mission.

You can also use a version of ROM2MMM modified to execute Rom in the manner of COL4MMM Here.

Otherwise the best solution is to use an extention with a SN76489 soundchip like the PlaySoniq or Musical Memory Mapper

Coleco MSX Adapter is sold in Japan and also on ebay.


Coleco MSX Adapter (to the right)