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Team Bomba
Team Bomba
Years active 2003-2011
Main activities games
Founded by Arjan, Jorito
Area The Netherlands, Spain
Current/final members Jorito, Sonic_aka_T, msd, Arjan Bakker, DK, Robert Vroemisse
Former members
Website Team Bomba


Around 1998 there once was a diskmagazine called the FutureDisk. The FutureDisk had the habit of including small games along with their magazine, games that were often made by the FD crew itself. Back in 1998, the idea was to make a FutureDisk with a Southpark theme. It was decided there should be a small game for that issue as well, and a Bomberman clone with Southpark graphics sounded like a good idea. This was supposed to be a simple game, with just the opportunity to play against each other, with 4 players at the same time. However, developing the game took quite some time.

On one of the MSX fairs in Holland, Arjan Bakker, the coder of the Bomberman game, demonstrated Jorrith Schaap an already reasonably working version of the Bomberman game he had been making. In that version, with graphics ripped from the SNES game Bomberman, the main character could walk around, place bombs and pick up items. At that fair, Jorrith was asked to compose some music for this (at that time still very small) game, Jorrith being the FutureDisk composer, Arjan being a FutureDisk coder, and Bomberman at that time still a FutureDisk product. During this time, Arjan and Jorrith had some discussion about adding new things to the game to make it more exciting. The multiplayer game was perfected, and some initial music was made. At some moment there, it was decided it would be great to turn Bombaman into a real game, with a single player mode in which you have to work your way through some levels, and adding enemies in those levels as well.

At that moment, however, there was a small problem: there was nobody to make the graphics! All graphics in the game were ripped from the SNES version, and it was obvious that it just would not do. After a while, a new fair was approaching, that the team met Robert Vroemisse. Robert had been participating in quite a lot of projects lately that never were finished (mostly Sargon games), and was a bit skeptic about the game actually being finished. However, after some more talking, he decided to join, and the problem with the graphics was solved!

After some time developing the game further, and expanding the list of ideas and new things to be included in the game, it became clear at some point that a lot of game levels in the single player mode were needed. Unfortunately, the team was too busy working on the game, and nobody had the time to create any levels for the game. Some inquiries were made for a level designer and after a search Jesús Pérez Rosales was found. After having done some freelance work on the levels, Jesús was officially added to the team as of March the 12th of 2002 for the creation of the levels and finetuning gameplay. Making of Bombaman



  • Woei demo (2003)
  • Bitbuster (2003)
  • ViewGE5 (2003)
  • Bombaman (2004)
  • Underwater demo (2004)
  • ViewMSX (2006)
  • Bombaman xxxtra ammo (2008)
  • GFX9K library (2008)
  • Blox (unfinished)

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