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Years active 1997-2003
Main activities demos, games, utilities
Founded by d-fader, HeXx, chaos
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members d-fader, HeXx, chaos
Former members
Website TeddyWareZ


Years ago, d-fader and chaos were classmates in primary school. They found out both had an MSX computer at home, so they've spent time playing games together. Besides gaming they started creating simple MSX-Basic games and demo's under the name J&F Soft. Though they had great fun developing, it was not really worth releasing. A big change came when another friend of d-fader, HeXx, spent the summer holiday tutoring him the fundamentals of MSX programming using Z80 assembly (and in the process relearning it himself).

That summer in 1997, TeddyWareZ was born, the name was invented by HeXx' brother, PorkCharSui. Chaos decided to learn to work with Moonblaster, so he could create the music. d-fader became the main programmer, and HeXx supported d-fader with (nightly) coding and did the GFX. A year later, the first demodisk Teddy's in Action was released at Zandvoort 1998. In 1999, Blue Crystal joined as a GFX artist. The team released several demo's and even two SCC trackers. SCC Blaffer 1.0 was a tracker much like SCC-Musixx with a Moonblaster interface. It was even possible to convert songs made with SCC Musixx to SCC Blaffer. Due to the lack of PSG support, the idea of SCC Blaffer NT was quickly born and SCC Blaffer NT was build from the ground up and was roughly twice the size as SCC Blaffer 1.0. SCC Blaffer NT was used for creation of backgroundmusics in their games and demo's like Pushem and Teddy's in Action 2.

In the last years of TeddyWarez existance, most of the team became less active on MSX. d-fader created Chaos Assembler 3.0 on PC. Cha05 started learning assembly with the help of BiFi and released a sokoban clone called Push'em (GFX from Zett).

The final product was Guru Logic, based on a gameboy game from Compile. It was made in about a month time. A second version was released with improved GFX created by Imanok. To their big surprise, TeddyWareZ was asked by Compile to create an improved version of Guru Logic, as part of the MSX Revival! A team was set up to create a very impressive version of the game. Unfortunately, they were not able to finish the project. At the moment it's in the hands of TNI, trying to finish the project after all.

In 2003 TeddyWareZ competed in the's Snowfall challenge and their demo disk got second place. It contained some previously unused music of chao5. Shortly after TeddyWareZ was founded, the goal was to create a sequel to F1-spirit. It would be an MSX2 game and should have supported SCC music. After the creation of SCC-Blaffer NT and chaos Assembler 3, everything was ready to start developing this game, it just (unfortunately) never happened.


  • d-fader (code)
  • HeXx (code, graphics)
  • Blue Crystal (graphics, code)
  • chaos (code, music)
  • x-fanity (support)
  • Vleppie (support)
  • PorkCharSui (support)
  • Dennis (support)


  • Teddy's In Action (MSX-AUDIO music disk, Zandvoort 1998)
  • Christmas demo 1998 (Christmas 1998)
  • Tunez 1: Garfield Edition (MSX-AUDIO/FM-PAC music disk, Tilburg 1999)
  • SCC Blaffer 1.0 (SCC tracker, Tilburg 1999)
  • Ultra Sonic Waves (MSX-AUDIO music disk, Tilburg 1999)
  • SCC Blaffer NT (SCC-tracker, Bussum 1999)
  • Christmas demo 1999 (Christmas 1999)
  • Tunez 2: Asterix Edition (SCC music disk, Tilburg 2000)
  • Push'em (2000)
  • Chaos Assembler 3.0 (A cross-development kit for MSX, Bussum 2001)
  • Teddy's In Action 2 (2001)
  • Guru Logic (2002)
  • Xmas 2002 demo (Christmas 2002)
  • Xmas 2003 demo (Demo disk, Christmas 2003)

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