Game Bank MSX Dumper
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The MSX Dumper is an adapter cartridge to USB made by Tengu Development. It looks like the MSX Game Reader but it can be used only to dump your cartridges.

The first version can dump the Roms up to 32kB but can be updated to support Megaroms as next versions. Current version supports the plain roms up to 48kB and Megaroms (All Konami, all ASCII even with 2/8K Sram, MSX-DOS2, Cross Blaim, etc.) up to 2048kB.

MSX Dumper is sold on Amazon Japan or Rakuten. It doesn't have a case and seems not to be usable for directly playing games with emulators.

There are two ways to dump a cartridge:

  • 1. Set the cartridge to the Dumper, insert the USB to a device such as a PC, then a folder opens and a dump file called msx.rom is automatically generated there if the Dumper knows the cartridge.
  • 2. Download the MultiDumper Client from the official website, execute it, choose MSX, choose MMC TYPE as the mapper type, choose ROM SIZE then push Dump. If the Dumper knows the cartridge, pushing Info sets the recommended MMC TYPE and ROM SIZE.


MSX Dumper