The LINKS NT-300
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The LINKS NT-300 is a modem cartridge dedicated to 'The LINKS' network, with a speed of 1200 bps, released in December 1987. It is based on a specific protocol developed by Eijiro Taki, president of Nippon Telenet. The official name is 'Network Game Adapter II'.

It includes a 32kB ROM with a communication firmware. The NT-300 reference appears only on the box, while the underside label of the cartridge says TMA 1200 BSC.

Official price: ¥14,800 - thanks to the great success of "The LINKS' network, the price had seriously decreased by comparison with the previous version The LINKS NT-190.

The LINKS NT-300 was also bundled with the C-Drive package containing only the modem cartridge and a login for the network where you could download the game.

Brand The LINKS
Type NT-300
Year 1987-12
Region JP
Official price ¥14,800
Package content
Emulation ROM dumped, but modem emulation not implemented in emulators



The LINKS NT-300
The LINKS NT-300 label
The LINKS NT-300 package
The LINKS NT-300 back
The LINKS NT-300 box
The LINKS NT-300 manuals
The LINKS NT-300
The LINKS NT-300 PCB (underside)


NGA II - intro menu
NGA II - main menu
NGA II - login screen
NGA II - loading screen
NGA II - letter screen
NGA II - receiver screen