The Silent Demo
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As its name indicates it, this megademo for MSX2 and higher is without music, except for one part. It has been released on 20 October 1990 by the Robosoft team. You can find it here.

It includes advanced effects such as rastersplits, line-interrupts, several scrolls. Most of these effects use so much resources from the Z80 and the VDP, and to keep a good speed for these effects, there was no place to add music in most parts of the demo.

The Amiga was used to create part of the graphics.



The demo starts with a small animation of the Robosoft logo in screen 7.



Probably the most impressive part of this demo, as it stretches and animates the Dutch flag, using also the left and right borders and including a long scroll text in big letters. The most surprizing is that powerful part is made in screen 1!

Most emulators have problems with this part (glitches on the left border). Only RuMSX is able to handle it correctly.

Stars and Balls


A nice animation in screen 5, including moving stars, balls and chessboard. I guess it will inspire some future games and other demos!



Another very surprising part in screen 1 including this time PSG music. A very long scroll text made of points and a very fast animation around the SHK letters, that correspond to the coder Shadow Knight.



This part is in screen 7 and displays giant moving letters with changing color lines. Note: RIP stands for Robosoft in Progress...



This part uses the resources of screen 8, especially to display a very colored scroll text, that even includes pictures of several items!



The credits are not displayed in just one move on screen 7, but the animation simulates that they are written and edited word per word, line per line. The edition part includes corrections, color changes and alignment changes.

Note: as this megademo is not for MSX1, I guess the reference to the first MSX generation is only humor!


  • Shadow Knight
  • Robo
  • FireHawk