Tonnerre sur le Pacifique
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Tonnerre sur le Pacifique (Thunder on the Pacific) is a small game released as listing by the French magazine Tilt. It has been created by Olivier Alexis and published in issue 18 of January/February 1985.

The battle is raging in this game for MSX!


Tonnerre sur le Pacifique


You must protect a strategic strait undermined by the enemy and eliminate his fleet.

Your very powerful cannon moves with the arrow keys or the joystick. Shoot by pressing the spacebar or the fire button.

Touching a mine means losing a shell but is worth 10 points, destroying a ship brings in a lot more!

Note: The published listing is for playing with the keyboard.

To add joystick support:

  • replace STRIG(0) by STRIG(0)ORSTRIG(1) in line 420
  • add line 435 ST=STICK(0)ORSTICK(1)
  • replace STICK(0) by ST in lines 440 and 450

For a longer playing time, you need to replace 2880 in line 270 by a higher number.