Toshiba HX-10DPN
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The HX-10DPN is the second revision of MSX1 computers released by Toshiba. Basically, it is an HX-10DP with a specific 13 pin RGB connector that replaces the RF, composite video and audio connectors. The case was available without color choice. The release date was May 1984.

This machine was aimed at the Japanese market under the label 'Pasopia IQ' and available only in black - see HX-10 series for the technical details

Launch price: ¥69,800


Toshiba HX-10DPN box and content
Toshiba HX-10DPN
Toshiba HX-10DPN(K) box
Toshiba HX-10DPN left side
Toshiba HX-10DPN back
Toshiba HX-10DP/10DPN right side
Toshiba HX-10DPN expansion bus slot
Toshiba HX-10DPN label
Toshiba HX-10DPN RGB connector