Toshiba HX-10I
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The Toshiba HX-10I is one of the adaptations of the Japanese Toshiba HX-10DP for the European market. It was aimed at the Italian market - see HX-10 series for the technical details

A demo tape was provided with the computer.

For other European versions, see HX-10AA, HX-10E, HX-10F, HX-10P and HX-10SF.


Toshiba HX-10I box
Toshiba HX-10I
Toshiba HX-10I label
Toshiba HX-10AA/E/F/I/(P)/SF left side
Toshiba HX-10AA/E/I/(P)/SF back
Toshiba HX-10E/10F/10I/10SF right side